Google Announced To Made Many Improvements In Google TV

Hello Guys welcome to Techanker with due respect today in this article we are talking about Google Announced To Made Many Improvements In Google TV.  Google TV is a discontinued smart TV operating system from Google co-developed by Intel, Sony and Logitech. It launched in October 2010 with official devices initially made by Sony and Logitech.

Google TV is an excellent alternative to Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV. If you are intertwined with the Google ecosystem, then the Google TV interface is perfect for you. In addition, having a Google Assistant on your TV helps make your TV browsing experience more seamless and intuitive.

Google Announced To Made Many Improvements In Google TV

A new report suggests there could be a new version of the Chromecast with Google TV for 2022. The codename for the device is allegedly “Boreal.” Not much is known about it, but we hope it fixes the biggest problem with its predecessor.

It has only been less than 24 hours since the new Chromecast along with Google TV went official. We would think that Google would give some time to the Chromecast Ultra to catch its breath but apparently, Google is discontinuing the device.

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Google Announced To Made Many Improvements In Google TV

According to the company, all of the changes it’s highlighting today are direct responses to user feedback as it tries to step up its streaming experience on both first-party and third-party devices.

CPU optimizations are the high point of today’s announcements, as Google says the home screen should load much faster at start up — a common complaint among users. Thanks to reduced RAM usage, sluggish navigation on the For You page and between tabs and titles on the home screen have also been improved.

The company says these enhancements are already rolling out to users and should be “available on all devices over time,” though there’s no specific time window in today’s blog post.

Google has finally announced to speed up performance and some significant improvements for its Google TV.

For the last two years, many smart TVs have relied on Google via its Google TV software or Google TV streaming puck Chromecast, though it also has many issues, majorly regarding performance.

Google Announced To Made Many Improvements In Google TV

Google TV was announced nearly two years ago, debuting on the Chromecast with Google TV streaming device. Since then, more manufacturers have announced their own streaming devices and smart TVs powered by the operating system.


Many users complained to Google that they face many performance issues with Google TV, such as the loading screen taking too much time. And also, after the last update, some users reported screens stuck scrolling.

As Google said, the upcoming update is aimed at giving more faster and more responsive experience, and for that, the company will use in-CPU optimizations and improvements to cache management.

This means the software will now use a CPU in a more optimized way that will help to reduce loading screen time and load everything faster on the home screen, as mainly the “for you” tab will load faster to show movies & shows.

With all that, the company also made it more responsive with a new setup of caches by which we will see a more smooth transition between one tab to another or even one profile to another.


Last year, Google provided the new option, “Free up space,” to Chromecast users, which is now expanded to smart TV users and can be found in settings.

As users were complaining that they could not download apps, so Google stated that now they can use this new option to get more storage for new apps, and also, some of the app installation errors were booted.

Google Announced To Made Many Improvements In Google TV

To access this new menu, users can launch the Settings app, scroll to ‘System,’ and select ‘Storage.’ This feature is already available on the Chromecast with Google TV but will be rolled out to smart TVs running Google TV devices via a future update.

Also, the background apps will automatically hibernate if they are not in use so that it will free up much space for the front-running app.

More recently, users also got the ambient mode screensaver with personalized information and recommendation cards that show things like weather, news, sports scores, podcast links and more.

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Frequently Asked Question ( FAQs )

Does Google TV work with Netflix?

Press the Home button on the wireless keyboard remote. Select All Apps. Use the arrow keys on the left side of your Sony Google TV remote to navigate to the Netflix app and press OK.

What replaced Google Cast?

Notice the reference to the Google Home app on a Chromecast-connected TV.

Is Roku or Google TV better?

While Google TV has more storage readily available for more apps, Roku has the most apps of all. This is a huge advantage for Roku. But, while Roku takes the cake with the sheer number of apps available to users, Google TV comes out ahead with its live TV capabilities

Can I use Roku on a Google TV?

The Google Play Movies & TV app was rebranded as the Google TV app on a number of devices in 2020, but many platforms, such as Roku, were left with the old app. It was completely removed in June 2021, so those platforms have to access the service through the YouTube app

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