New Pixel 7 series to support Bluetooth LE Audio (LC3 codec)

Hello Guys welcome to Techanker with due respect today in this article we are talking about New Pixel 7 series to support Bluetooth LE Audio (LC3 codec). Aside from Sony products, different producers also can license LDAC and apply it to their products. Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro helps LDAC, way to their Tensor Chip.

You can truly right here the clarity, crispiness, thumping bass and separation of sound whilst used with LDAC setting. When I installation a AAC or AAC- DSEE, on my Ipad or whilst compelled to apply AAC whilst related to 2 gadgets on my android phone, you may truly pay attention the drop in song quality.

New Pixel 7 series to support Bluetooth LE Audio (LC3 codec)

Its first true flagships would get five years of security upgrades. It would continue with three years of software updates, like older Pixel models. The security updates offer wasn’t extended to older Pixel models.

Pixel 6a’s new design. It’s more in keeping with the rest of the Pixel 6 Series, and available in three distinct colours: Charcoal, Chalk and Sage. The phone uses a recycled aluminium frame and has a 6.1in, 1080p OLED display, but its refresh rate is still only 60Hz.

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New Pixel 7 series to support Bluetooth LE Audio (LC3 codec)

The folks at 9to5Google spotted some clues surrounding Bluetooth LE Audio support on Google’s lineup of upcoming phones.

A recent code change spurred a developer to ask if the specific file in question was created as an example or if the file needed to be installed somewhere. In response, a colleague gives two examples of where this installation would come into play: “p22” and “p23a.”

Now, you don’t have to be Benoit Blanc to connect some dots with those codenames. The first, “p22,” refers to the 2022 mainline Pixel phones — the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro — while “p23a” refers to next year’s A-series entry, the Pixel 7a.

Although support for Bluetooth LE Audio is included in Android 13, the standard itself was only finalized in July, meaning hardware products that support it — and more importantly, the new LC3 codec — haven’t shipped yet. This year’s Pixel flagships could be the first devices from Google to be compatible with Bluetooth LE Audio.

Well, it’s supposed to make the next generation of truly wireless earbuds more efficient. How? Your phone will be able to simultaneously send audio to both earbuds.

‘Auracast’ is also worth noting, as it’s expected to allow multiple receivers (such as speakers, headphones, and so on) to play the same audio from a single sender. Further battery-efficiency improvements are also a part of the package.

New Pixel 7 series to support Bluetooth LE Audio (LC3 codec)

Bluetooth LE Audio is the latest enhancement to the wireless audio standard you probably rely on every day. Its LC3 codec can produce high-quality audio at a lower bitrate, improving battery life and, potentially, sound quality.

It also brings support for Auracast audio sharing, which — at least, in theory — could make sharing between devices a common reality. Needless to say, it’s a big deal for your future devices, and that’s not even taking the future of hearing aids into account.

More specifically, the Googler refers to these phones as “p22/p23a.” In this case, “p22” is shorthand for the Pixel phones releasing in fall 2022, the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. Similarly, “p23a” stands for Google’s A-series phone releasing in 2023, the presumed Pixel 7a.

As you’d expect, the code for the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7a is not currently available to the public, meaning we can’t yet see how those phones will enhance Android 13’s Bluetooth LE Audio support. The only semblance of a hint that we’re given is in the description that some devices may support “higher quality or higher bandwidth.”

Because it’s Google – it doesn’t think that far ahead. It is possible that Google could add support for Bluetooth LE Audio via an update, but, again, I have no idea about the INS and OUTS of deploying this kind of technology.

Having said that, Bluetooth SIG, the body behind the Bluetooth standard, has confirmed that “some” current wireless headphones can be updated to support Bluetooth LE Audio.

Sadly, it didn’t name names or give any examples. Given that Bluetooth LE Audio is natively supported inside Android 13, I’d assume that Google has plans in place to bring it to its Pixel Buds Pro.

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